John Wick Outfit – Black Shirt and Vest (ArchiveXL – Male AND Female V)

John Wick Outfit – Black Shirt and Vest (ArchiveXL – Male AND Female V)

Dress V like John Wick. An ArchiveXL mod that adds the signature assassin’s all black shirt and vest to the game. For male AND female PCs.

Have V wear John Wick’s suit by pairing the Corporate Suit in-game with an all black shirt, vest, and tie. To be clear, this mod only includes the shirt/vest/tie. The rest of the outfit already exists in-game through the Corporate Blazer and the Corporate Slacks.

If you’re looking for in-game shoes to make your virtual cosplay complete, I’d recommend the Double-Varnished Formal Pumps.

All my ArchiveXL/TweakXL mods include two versions of the same item. As far as I know, there’s a method to get the game to differentiate between male and female item MESHES when you create + equip items – but not icons.

If you see two icons side-by-side with the same name, just use the one you want. As stated, either item will differentiate between male and female PCs – so either will work regardless if you have a Male or Female V. The only difference will be the icon on the item in your inventory.

– Install the required mods listed above.
– Copy the “r6” and the “archive” (or “mods” depending on which version you’re using) folders directly into your Cyberpunk 2077 directory.

*Open the CET console and type in Game.AddToInventory(“Items.FormalShirt_01_JohnWick”,1) for the item with the male icon.
*Open the CET console and type in Game.AddToInventory(“Items.FormalShirt_01_JohnWick_w”,1) for the item with the female icon.
*Download and install the Virtual Atelier I made that includes this item if you’d rather not enter the console commands.

Credits: Eye of Center
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